User Reviews on Carol Cline’s Start Potty Training


Potty training is not an easy job. In fact, the longer time a child takes to be potty-trained, the more stressful it is for both the parents as well as the child. If the correct training techniques are not used, potty training could take up to several weeks or months. Start potty training is an e-book by Carol Cline, who runs an active daycare and is a proud mother of four young children. She has considerable experience in the field of potty training of toddlers. In her book, she has laid out an exponentially detailed method by which the potty training process can be started off and completed; in mere 3 days.  There are several reviews on Carol Cline’s Start Potty Training programme online, but I decided to test it myself to find out; if it is indeed as effective as claimed. Read on to know more about the technique.

How does the system work?

Parents are advised to potty train their toddlers with patience and understanding; while not putting any pressure on them.

The format is very thorough and several tips, as well as tricks are included to make the otherwise tedious job quite simple and systematic. Many issues normally ignored by other potty training guides are included here, which include;

  • The subtle differences between potty training boys and girls.
  • Dealing with children who are autistic or have other special needs.
  • Potty training multiple kids at once.
  • The differences in the tactics one must adopt while potty training children of different ages.
  • Coping with small accidents along the way. This means that parents should expect to face some bed-wetting, soiled clothes and regression in the first few weeks after potty training. It is a gradual process.

What is the format?


1) There is the guide itself that has text and video content to demonstrate all the methods of potty training. The textual part is printable and you can easily obtain a hard copy if that is convenient for you.

2) The schedule for the three days: Here, you can get a day-wise schedule of the various steps of potty training. It tells you about the various apparatus you will need, how to prepare your child and yourself mentally, ways to prevent regression and how to train your child for using the potty at night.

3) Complementary and personalized help from the author: Carol Cline recognizes that each child might have different requirements and answers her customers’ queries for free once a week.

The program has helped many parents to potty train their toddlers and has been shown to be effective. However, if you feel that the program has not been of any assistance to your requirements; you can claim a full refund within a period of 60 days of purchase.


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